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Last Update: April 2010

Pictures by Locations:

Eilat April 2010 - Weekend in Eilat with Friends

Maldives - trip to the Maldives in Feb 2010 Scuba for 8 days on Blue Lagoon, great services...

Epson Red Sea - here are the five images I had to submit as final picture to the Epson 2009 competition.  there are other pictures from that week that you can see here.

Sinai Safari July 2009 - Safari to the southern part of Sinai. we dove in Gubal, Thistilgrom, Ras Muhammad, Tiran and Ras Umseed, we went on the Deep Blue for 5 Days, it was great.

Eilat June 09 - the usual

Eilat March 09 - Eilat Macro



Older Pictures:


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