Friends and Family....


Trip in the Machtash Katan - In the way to Hazaeva we went over the small Maktahs katan and the Mala Akrabim, we stoped in he way for dinner and took some kids and family pictures

Dinner at Porat - Portrait of the Kids from December 2009


February 08:

Picknick with Friends we did picknick with friends to see some FLowers and to each Hamin

Family day at Tomer school -Tomer Family day at School

January 08:

Grandmother 80's years birthday - celebrating my Grandmother 80 years old birthday 


December 07:

Friday Night Dinner – Friday night dinner in Kfar Vitkin, picture of Tomer, Maya, Yael and Shaked on the sofa together.

Aba 60 Years Birthday  - My father was 60 Years old last November, the entire family was come together this Saturday to celebrate for him this event, we sent him and my mother to Akko for a weekend, in a Botik Hotel, and we meet all family for breakfast. after great breakfast we had a guide who took us around Old City and tell us the story of Akko, very much recommended.


October 07:

Mizpae Ramon  - Camping with Friends in Mizpae Ramon.


Nachal Kibbutzim  - Trip with Friends to Nachal Kibbutzim Near Kibbutz Measilot (Emek Bet Shan)


Ramat Hagolan - Trip we did to Ramat Hagoln

Jerusalem - trip in Jerusalem


Kids on the Slide - we open the slide for the kids today, they had Fun

Rotem Wedding - My sister wedding in my back yard

April :

Seder Peasch - We did the "seder" this year in  my parents house in Hazeva.

Akko - with Friends (you can see more pictures under the other section)

Hagmon Hacula - we did a family trip to the Hagmon Hacula and in the way back we stopped in a great restaurant in Rosh Pina called Doris Katzvim. (you can see more pictures under the other section).

Feb :

Trip to Hazeva

 we went on the weekend to Hazeva, in the way we stopped at Havat Hasikmim t see flowers, and then on Saturday we went the all Family to Nahal Yamin


Kids Portrait    (New)

Passover with Friends - Boston 2006

Hiking with Friends outside Boston (Route 2)