Travels around Israel

Last update: January 2011

January 2011

Trip around the Kinneret  - took a trip around the christean place in the Kinneret

December 2010

Storm 2010- Bet Yanai  - First rain today after long summer with devastate fires in the Carmel today we got the first rain

DeadSea - trip with the family to the dead sea, water were cold, and we went in the all family after we used the Black Mud

January 2010

Gamla - Eagles in Gamla resort in Ramat Hagolan

Gan Habahaim - Gan Habahaim in Haifa

August '08:

Light and Sound Migdal David - the new 3D show on Migdal David  walls, must see to anyone that arrive to Jerusalem, spectacular event...

December  '07:

Neve Zedek – we went on winter sunny Saturday  to travel in Neve Zedel an old Tel Aviv neighborhood.

Alexander River reserve – I went from my house to Bet Yanai Beach through the Alexander River resrve, you can see a lot of Birds, and Bet Yanai beach.

My back Yard – I took my D300 and 70-200 VR loaded with the 1.7 TC  with the 105 VR to travel at my back yard,  in a nice warm winter day. Here are the results.

Jaffo - Visit in Jaffo port and the old city, this place is great to go around in sunny winter, we also entered to a great Gallery in the old city that you can see some  pictures from.

Mea Shearim - we visit in Mea Shearim neighborhood to see the Kendall's light for Hanuka, this place seems like it is 100 years old, you go there at night, and you can feel the different.

Megido - Visit to see the water plant and archeology  in Megido

November 07:

Akko - Visit in Akko - Old city, you  can almost smell the atmosphere there....

October  07:

Mizpae Ramon - We camp in Mizpae Ramon and visit in Machtash Ramon

August 07:

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November 06:

October 06:


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